The Tone Lifter is a flexible self-contained drop-in module designed for Strats and Strat-style guitars, without any physical modifications to the instrument. Allowing numerous variations in sound, its bespoke stacked knob system is fitted in place of the lower tone knob. In bypass, the pure passive signal is output. Pulling the upper knob gives control of mid boost, or a combined bass/treble boost. The lower knob sets the frequency points for either mode. Power is provided by an internal rechargeable battery system, which is charged via the jack socket.

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Summary of features for the Tone Lifter:

  • Pure passive relay bypass setting.
  • Class A FET input stage.
  • Flat response active setting.
  • Variable frequency mid boost mode.
  • Variable frequency combined bass/treble boost mode.
  • Rechargeable internal power source giving 40 hours use per charge.
  • Auto passive bypass if the system runs low on power.
  • Easy to fit using screw terminals, with no solder connections to the Tone Lifter.
  • Instrument can be returned to stock condition since there are no physical modifications to the guitar.
  • Circuit board approximate dimensions: L50.0 X W26.5 H14.5 mm (2.0″ X 1.05″ X 0.6″)
  • Rechargeable battery system approximate dimensions: L40.5 X 19.0 X 19.0 mm (1.6″ X 0.75″ X 0.75″)
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