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NEW: Fender Style Knobs

 Fender Style Knobs now available on all our J-Bass products, upgrade sets for existing units.

18V OPERATION: All East products are designed to operate with 9V & 18V.

Note: Demand for our products has increased greatly, hence you may find products showing as out of stock. We are working to increase production accordingly. So please keep an eye on our website if you want a product which isn't available currently, we're working on it! 

John gives a complete walkthrough on how to install a J-Style preamp.



We've been greatly heartened by the response by users of our UNI-PRE, one of our more recent designs. We've been told, in no uncertain terms, whatever we do, keep producing it!
The UNI-PRE was designed and created as a fully optimised and integrated onboard bass guitar preamp system, avoiding the compromises of conventional approaches. As well as designing out compromises, John has included a number of innovative features, taking things to the next level.
Remember, most of his working background has been with high-end pro audio design, born of his work with SSL (Solid State Logic) and Sony Pro Audio during the period from the late 70s until the mid-00s. In 2005 he decided to move his full-time design efforts closer to where his heart lies - with the music, in the form of enhanced electronic products for musicians, the real creators.

Here's an example of a great musician, Liam Tillyer, who chose a UNI-PRE for his Fender Jazz V.


About the UNI-PRE

The UNI-PRE is available in 3, 4 and 5 knob versions.  It’s one of our latest designs that sets new standards with unique features, designed to fit virtually any bass which has 3, 4 or 5 knobs with rear cavity electronics. The modular construction makes for easy installation, with simple plug connections between modules. External wiring, such as pickups and power, are simply connected using screw terminals.

HARDWARE OPTIONS: Chrome, Black or Gold. (Can be mixed by special request)

Summary of Features

• Totally independent active and passive signal paths guarantee completely smooth blend when set to active.

• Custom designed pots allow optimal placement of all controls within active and passive signal paths.

• Class A FET input stages for great sound quality, with two gain trim preset adjusters, one for each pickup.

• Operational response of Bass Control can be set internally at both the lower and upper end of the bass spectrum.

• Treble Control with internally adjustable frequency voicing, plus Bright as a pull switch.

• Mid Control with Frequency Sweep.

• Overall response can be set as flat or with pre-shaper contour which adds some warmth and sheen.

• Modular concept allows for easy installation and replacement of parts, all with pluggable connections.

• Screw terminals are used for all external connections such as pickups, power and grounding for easy installation.

The UNI-PRE was designed as an upgrade from the U-Retro and sets new standards with unique features, designed to fit virtually any bass which has 3, 4 or 5 knobs with rear cavity electronics.

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