East/ACG EQ-01 Filter Style Bass Preamp


The EQ-01 filter preamp features two variable frequency Low-Pass Filters, allowing separate EQ settings for a 2 pickup instrument. A global variable frequency High-Pass Filter is included to contour the higher frequencies.


  • 2 Low-Pass Filter stacks where the lower knob sets the frequency, and the upper, the filter over-shoot peak level.
  • A High-Pass Filter Stack, whose lower knob sets the frequency, and upper knob setting the Level for the higher frequencies.
  • A stacked Master Volume/Blend sets the output level and pickups mix.

Stacked knob shaft diameters, Lower Ring – 8mm diameter, Upper Knob – 6mm diameter.

HARDWARE OPTIONS: Without Knobs, Chrome or Black knobs.


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A low impedance output feed ensures the integrity of the signal, post the Volume control.

The Blend is electronic, ensuring totally smooth mixing control of the pickups balance.

Each continuously variable Low-Pass Filter can be adjusted to allow just the very low bass through, think deep reggae style. Opening up the filter retains the low frequencies, and as the filter is opened up, it allows increasingly higher frequencies to pass through, reaching into the lower-treble regions.

Each Low-Pass Peak control allows a resonant peak to be dialled in. This can be varied from no peak, with continuous variation up to +10dBs, increasingly adding a “resonating colour” at the filter frequency point.

The High-Pass Filter is variable from the Mid-Range up to Higher-Treble. The High-Pass Level is continuously variable from zero through to +10dBs.



User Manual

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